Each and every Herbal Goods pre-rolled cone is meticulously hand rolled and tied. This allows us to completely eliminate toxic glues, bleach, paper and additives while providing you with what we believe is the smoothest and cleanest pre-roll you’ll ever experience. 


We wild harvest our Ebony leaves in Bengal. This process enables a machine, pesticide and monoculture free harvesting process. After harvest, our leaves are sun dried for two weeks in preparation for rolling. Once dry, each Herbal Goods leaf is cut to size and shape by hand. Each of our cones is then carefully rolled and tied by hand to create our Herbal Goods cones.

Our smooth and unique filters are made from sun-dried corn husks that are rolled and tied by hand. No paper, no card stock, no glue.

Finally, our all natural cones undergo a curing process which sets the final Herbal Goods cone shape and removes all remaining moisture. This is done in an open flame clay oven. 


Herbal Goods pre-rolls are made by our amazing team of workers in India. We are proud to have a talented workforce made up of 85% women who would otherwise be without work given their rural location.

By decentralizing the process of rolling our cones we are able to offer workers the freedom to earn a living while staying in their local communities. What this means is that rather than traveling to a local center for work, they are able to sustain normal rhythms and tasks by working from home. This is particularly important for female workers in rural India who are expected to care for the home and children.


Through this process we bring you the SMOOTHEST | SLOW BURNING | PREMIUM pre-rolls you can get your hands on.


This Is What All Natural Luxury Looks Like.